5 Graceful Wall Finish Design Ideas For Beautiful Home Decor

modern wall finish ideas

Make a statement with these unique accent wall finish ideas, because we love it more when it’s finished & done!

Painted something? Frame it on a wall. Bought a new marker board? Hang it on a wall. Want to add an extra shelf for your books? Fix it on a wall. Your walls carry the load of a lot of things. They are like a blank canvas that demand more of your attention with this growing modernity & need for aesthetics. Walls are definitely capable of featuring any sort of look that goes along with the idea or theme of your space. An empty space can immediately bloom with a great accentual feature that only a wall could highlight due to its wide space & approachable nature.

Let us see how by just adding a wall finish you can make your space look super exciting, below are few ideas:

1. Metal finish laminate sheets, your “commanding wall”

wall finish with metal sheets
Image Source: Architonic

The distinctive metamorphic capacities of metal create their own stylistic patterns even on the simplest of monochrome surfaces.‎ While choosing a wall covering for your minimalist interior setup, steel, brass or copper finishes can serve as great options. The bright reflective face of these laminates lends a sleek & minimal effect to the interiors and renders the ambience with a modern & urban look. The finish can be easily cleaned with a mildly wet cloth and wipe dry with gentle strokes. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool scrubbers.

Despite high bearing strength & stiffness, metal laminates have magnetic properties that you can play with all day. One can attach magnetic souvenirs and magnetic boards with commanding orders & “things to do”, keeping you alert without creating any mess to your space. These metal sheets are available in various impressive hues, giving an altogether powerful look to your space.

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2. Cork board panels, cleanliness & class

Cork Board Panel finishing
Image Source: The Spruce

Gone are the days when style meant compromising. With some eco-friendly ideas in the market now, style does not need to be forsaken for health anymore, cork wall tiles & cork wallcoverings are naturally renewable material made from the bark of the cork oak tree and is harvested periodically from the living trees. Cork wall coverings are a remarkable combination of cleanliness and class.

Wall finishing with cork panels
Image Source: Soulcraft India

Cork is a great choice for a kids & grandparents room, the soft surface of the cork acts as a kind of cushion and provides a certain amount of protection when someone accidentally slips or falls, thus preventing them from injuries of falling. Cork is one of the best materials to incorporate into your home decor due to its great flexibility & versatility.

3. Three dimensional wallpapers, the HD screens of your walls

wall finish with 3D wallpaper
Image Source: Etsy

3D wallpaper designs are meant to “pop” off the surface, making it stand out from the flat expanse of the wall by just adding depth or creating an illusion in your space. Wallpapers have become a lot more common than before due to its easy installation & cost-effectiveness. Moreover, if you have imperfect walls, high-quality wallpaper can hide surface imperfections.

3D wallpaper for designing walls
Image Source: Designer-walls

The great demand for wallpapers over painting gave birth to 3D wallpaper designs, capable of adding drama to your space with thousands of designs & shades available in the market. 3D Wallpapers can update your walls in no time!

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4. Textured Concrete, “form over formality”

concrete wall texture designs
Image Source: Soulcraft India

Concrete is a great choice for a concrete environment & aesthetic quality. What mainly speaks for the choice of decorative concrete products is their timeless character, exceptional durability and affordability. Contrary to appearance, the use of concrete is not limited to strict styles, such as high-tech or industrial.

concrete wall finish ideas
Image Source: Soulcraft India

The concrete interior can also create a favourable combination with wood, bringing a touch of freshness to the classic. Unlike other decorative wall finishes, concrete tiles are an exposed choice of material that not only protects your wall but also adds flamboyance to it.

5. Moss Wall, bring nature indoors

wall finish design ideas
Image Source: Nordgrona

Indoor pot plants & bio walls have already got the go green concept in interiors, however, the ideas have been rapidly replaced by the allure of living walls which require your minimal attention & care. The blurring of the boundaries between inside and outside has been pushed further by the idea of “living” art adorning walls, and it turns out that moss is the perfect plant to paint a growing picture with.

moss wall finish ideas
Image Source: Homes To Love

These little plants are a mixture of tough and fragile. They do not demand regular maintenance, as they can easily survive & thrive in the shade. All they need is a mist of water from a spray bottle in order to stay fresh & tidy and avoid bacterias around. These mosses are available in various hues and you can get as creative as possible with them to make it a highlighting wall feature of your space.

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Hope you liked & found these wall finish ideas really informative. Oh wait! you have already started planning to go for them? That’s the impact these beautiful & innovative products create on your mind that you can’t resist to install. Go ahead, make your home decor look more aesthetically pleasing with these ideas and thank us later.

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