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Are odd corners making you feel uncomfortable and less thoughtful about your home? Say goodbye to awkward nook spaces and fill them up with these joyful hacks!

Corners are always one of the most underutilised spaces in your home. However, every naked room corner in a fun-sized abode is a good chance for space-transforming. You can easily turn it into an inviting space that could reflect comfort and joy. Corners are mostly vivid spaces that need only the slight of your attention and manage to change the vibe of your whole space. A lot of us are actually most comfortable with the cosiness that goes along with the corners of your home. It’s time to recreate and make them look as special as they should be. Here are some awkward corner decorating ideas that you can play with . . .

1. Add an interesting edge to your study – L-shape desk

Corner decorating ideas
Image Source: Furniture Factor

A regular rectangular desk is a constraint to your adjacent wall. Turn it into an L-shape, offering you extra surface area for spreading your work with some coffee aside! Such a shape also gets you more storage and covers your wall completely with your belongings and some random stuff. The desk goes along with your wall and that’s how it doesn’t really require a front panel for covering and protecting your stuff from falling.

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2. When one door closes, the other opens!

awkward corner design idea
Image Source: Craftaholics

Looking at organizing your home, yet not in a mood to dispose of your old pieces?
I’ll probably suggest you install floating shelves, in a series as that of stairs. Wait, the thought doesn’t end here…use an old door, treat it with some bright colours and install it in L-shape. Fix your floating shelves onto it and here it is an all-new shelving trick!  This not only allows you to store your stuff appropriately but also do it in a very stylish and trendy way. Depending on your room, you can have them installed in even the most unlikely corners and still come up with something you’d be proud of.

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3. Camping at the corner!

how to decorate a corner
Image Source: Etsy

Every home has a kids bedroom blessed with longevity and good vibes, hence it must be treated right. Girls & boys aspire their own comfy private corner space where they can read & play. Make it look aesthetically welcoming with colourful soft rugs, cushions and a tent spreading around the corner. You will see how an unused space gets immediately enhanced with the use of fairy lights and subtle hues. The tent is the main attraction as if you’re camping at your own home. Isn’t it one of the amazing awkward corner decorating ideas?

4. Draw It – treat your walls as a canvas

how to fill an empty corner
Image Source: Pinterest
decorate an odd corner
Image Source: Pinterest

Sometimes the most effortless task sparks maximum creativity. Considering the five senses of our body, vision or sight plays an important role in turning something ordinary to extraordinary. Paint it or add a different texture to the corner part of your wall and see how easily it gets excluded from your regular space. Or simply draw horizontal/vertical lines in that particular part (depending upon in what direction you wish to expand your space). Add some decor in that area like long planters, a pendant light or your old baskets for keeping the essentials and see your space converting into a cosy spot.

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5. A place for all your mood SWINGS!

corner decor ideas
Image Source: Hornsby Style

Depressed? Want to get away for a while? Have your very own precious place filled with silence or heavy music (just the way you feel better) and swing your mood away!
Design a corner with some goofy stuff and install a swing that helps you keep relaxed yet mindful. Decide your own lighting for your “me time” and make it as creative as possible with some artworks, dreamcatchers & serene vibes all around.

6. Your very own photo wall booth!

Corner decoration ideas for living room
Image Source: Buzzfeed

Sometimes to forget something all you need is to get reminded of something. Fill your room corners with great thoughts and great memories. Surround it with happy pictures, motivational posters or maybe self-written captivating thoughts. Give it a unique shape considering the edges and see it turning into an art piece that you can’t take your eyes off!

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