How To Add Canty Vibes To Your Home During Diwali?

diwali home decoration ideas

And it’s that time of year again, this Diwali let your home do some celebration. With preparations for Diwali in full swing, we thought we’d add a little more excitement and lend a helping hand for the upcoming festivities.

Going down memory lane while doing some mandatory house cleaning and lost the chance of Diwali Decor shopping? Well, the family that procrastinates together stays together. Make this Diwali memorable with the things that you forget and the things that you found. So get going with your old stuff, add a pinch of your creative sense and decorate your homes like no one else. We bring to you some amazing Diwali decoration ideas for your beautiful home.

1. Create your own Sparkling Nooks & Spaces

candles & Flowers decoration during Diwali
Image Source: Flowers & Flower Things

You may not want to buy new decorations that will not be used after the holiday season. Or you may choose décor pieces that mix in with the rest of your home’s interiors while still looking festive. Then consider using simple elements like candles and flowers for your Diwali decorations and create a lively ambience in any location.

These year-round items are not only easy to find and decorate with but they can also be utilised on other special events or days when you wish to freshen up the house. Remember, a simple balance of lights with decor can actually do wonders. That’s our additional tip to spread your charm and light up your home apart from below mentioned decoration ideas for Diwali.

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2. Stage your Entrance and make it look Worthy

You don’t need to go out and buy new furniture or furnishings just for Diwali décor; instead, seek patterns around you and create a festive atmosphere right through your front door. Simply combine or mix and match old vibrant dupattas or whatever ethnic accessories you already have to veil your entryway.

Home entrance diwali decoration
Image Source: Ariyona Interior

To fit the spaces & echo tradition, bring out the great works of embroidery, block printing, and fabrics going along with the theme of your interiors. Also, recreate the aesthetics of your entrance by placing large earthen pots or urli bowls filled with water, and sprinkling fragrant petals over it. Add floating candles along or place a simple palm leaves planter to add an edge and finishing to your decoration.

3. Spruce up your Balconies and Attract the Goodness of Nature

With Diwali season comes a cooler climate, which means better weather to hang out or host gatherings. From gardens & patios in bungalows to balconies in independent houses, the outdoors work as the perfect canvas for any Diwali decoration. The basic idea is to incorporate as many lighting accessories as possible.

For the garden or balconies, strings of fairy lights hung across walls or around plants or trees look magical at night. Also, something as straightforward as changing your floor covering can have a colossal effect. You can also opt for dhurries with traditional motifs. This will create contrasts and also help provide some comfy seating for the gatherings.

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4. Craft & Style the Edges of your simple looking Mirrors

Mirrors have always piqued my interest. They assist you in putting together a look and creating a sense of illusion in space. From blank walls to the typical edges of mirrors, there’s plenty of room to experiment, emphasise, and create a statement. Create borders with brilliant sunflowers and a sunburst-style frame to make a dramatic statement.

Alternatively, simply lay one of the fringe curtain panels flat on your mirror surface and smooth out the strings to give your otherwise frameless mirror a Boho stylish and permanent aesthetic solution. Old ropes, macrame frames, or even a smooth rug base can be used as a base for your mirror. Don’t forget about the lighting; a brightening mirror can make you feel nice and gleaming.

5. Your Puja Room needs special attention.

Your pooja room is essentially the centre of all the activity during the holy festivities and needs special attention at this point. Whether it’s an elaborate, compact or wall-mounted space for your Mandir, there are plenty of options to make it an impactful space. A Mandir with a divine jhala work can spruce up with some extra lighting and garlands at the backdrop. Get some antique brass finish lamps and place them around the pedestal.

mandir decor ideas for diwali
Image Source: Shraddha Rathod

Also, do not forget to decorate it with fresh flowers and diyas on all the days leading to Diwali, it looks elegant and also considered auspicious. Pendant lamps, hanging diyas and brass finish bells are a few elements that could help beautify your wall-mounted Mandir and give effortless looks. Rangoli, either with colours or flowers, is an age-old custom to deck up a home with myriad hues during Diwali. It looks great at the base of the idol in the Pooja house.

This Diwali, make your home a paradise of positive energy, love & laughter. Transform your home with these simple Diwali decoration ideas, add details and make it eventful. Wishing you all a joyful & safe Diwali.

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