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Furniture Trends Expected To Be Seen In 2022

Coming out of a worldwide pandemic and entering in most places a state of normalcy, we are now seeing that much more focus is placed on the spaces we have been in and are still spending most of our time indoors. Busy working from home? Now you took out some time so have a look into furniture trends in 2022 that many designers of the season are considering.

The Top Furniture Trends In 2022

  • Curvaceous Furniture
  • Vintage Accessories
  • Matte Finishes
  • Textured Textiles and Finishes
  • A Personality Touch
  • Decor Details and Idealist Artwork

Curvaceous Furniture

Image Source: The Spruce

Creating art like the type of decor, even though curved style furniture was introduced last year, they are really off to an amazing start this year!. Many designers agree and can vouch for the fact that many producers or manufacturers, whether it be small vendors or big-name high-end companies and manufacturers are all incorporating and designing curved furniture with soft lines and a lot less sharp edges.

Image Source: GMBOEL

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Vintage Accessories

Image Source: Pinterest

In the year 2022, timeless trends are pretty huge. No longer are the older and vintage looks for the elderly or older folks but it’s definitely the direction of the younger generations as well. Another way to keep a classic look and feel would be by combining the old and the new. Mixing and matching of antiques and more modern pieces will be on the rise this year.

Check Modern Vs Contemporary Interior designs

Image Source: Moivaonhatoi

Matte Finishes

Image Source: Designing Idea

Matte Metals are becoming more popular in washrooms, baths and kitchens. Some predict that more matte metals and less shine will be more popular in the next two to three years. Stainless, pewter and nickel matte finishes are increasingly used for sinks and faucets etc.

Textured Textiles and Finishes

Image Source: Pinterest

Some interior designers declare that when coming to textures anything that’s cosy and furry is very much on point for 2022. Crumpled velvets and boucles are very popular among many vendors producing materials and accessories for interior design for 2022. More time at home requires more comfort, style doesn’t need to be compromised to achieve such a look in comfort.

Image Source: Homedoo

A Personality Touch

Image Source: Fine Home Lamps

Magazine ready rooms are out and homely personal looking spaces are in for 2022.

Humans can be very sentimental and with being at home more, there is a need for a more emotional and nostalgic feel for the space in which they spend most of their time. 

Image Source: The Spruce

Homes will have a more individual and authentically unique feeling that we all crave this year.

Decor Details and Idealist Artwork

Image Source: DCCH

Having something close to you that helps you if even just for a little while escape the woes of daily struggles and stress, or simply give you something of pure entertainment and joy away from mundane tasks, escapist artwork is the way to go, literally!.

Image Source: Finding Time To Write

The feel of making one home into a mini getaway is the goal here many here striving for in 2022.

Samantha Seelal

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Samantha Seelal

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