Inspiring Wallpaper Ideas To Serve Your Home Needs

wallpaper ideas for interior designing

It’s a time to refurnish your home with stunning wallpaper ideas that are eye-catching, removable and very trendy these days. Those days are gone when they were just used as domino papers and hung in the homes depicting tapestries. Today wallpapers are known for their WOW factor. Wallpapers are in fashion due to its hassle-free and easy application that actually takes no time. With today’s tremendous options in terms of texture, colour and designs, wallpapers are sure to make a style statement.

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The designs with floral or cheeky prints, contemporary geometric themes, modern and classic accents are perfect for elevating the room’s vibe. Below are the inspiring ways to enhance the beauty of your home by decking up the walls:

Wallpaper Ideas To Cover The Walls

Undoubtedly this is one of the classic use of the wallpaper which might not be much popular today. But it works depending on the type of texture and the design you are using. Covering the walls of the bedroom with Kaleidoscopic wallpaper paired with traditional cotton bedding and lamp highlights a stunning and innovative backdrop.

Similarly, a large-scale artwork on the dining wall with casual furniture will brighten up the look of your room.

Frame Your Favourite Wallpaper

Instead of covering the entire wall, frame your favourite print to display a beautiful artwork. You can even create a collage of contrasting colours with two wallpapers bearing the same pattern. Creating wall art is also a fantastic way to make use of leftover wallpaper. Cut them in geometrical shapes, get them framed and decorate your walls. This subtle look works best in the living room or in the bathrooms too. It reflects the transformation of a classic abode into a royal palace.

Adorn the racks, shelves or even background: Turn the boring and dull-looking racks, shelves and the back walls of the cabinets into a brand new look. Use glossy wallpaper or even leftover wallpapers to add a touch of class to your display space. It would let decorative pieces appear more striking against an uninteresting setting.

Highlight The Ceiling

Have you ever thought of wallpapering the ceiling only? It’s very innovative. A pattern overhead draws the eye in and creates a striking focal point. Repeating motifs, modern accents and tonal trends work best for the ceilings. Choose a colour from the wallpaper and paint the walls with it to give your room a luxurious look.

Half Covering Of Wall

Decking either half- upper or lower of a wall is another way to enhance a room design. Cheeky prints, classic prints pairing with modern furniture and accents work well and will never go out of style. Textured wallpapers too infuse a room design with decorative beauty.

Covering the top half of the wall with paper and have panelling on the bottom half goes above and beyond with another design element added. This idea is perfect for your living and dining room.

Go For A Feature Wall

Feature wall supercharges the decorating scheme of any room. It adds colour and personality to space. But this wall should not be bold and bright to make a statement. The wall which is first seen while walk into the room is a perfect choice for a feature wall. This wall can be behind the TV or fireplace, or any other focal point. Create an artistic feature wall using shimmering metallic, floral, mural, bird-inspired or shiplap-style cladding wallpapers.

Set The Scene

Create a room with a view. Not the entire home or few rooms, just a single wall of any room is enough to bring extra life in the home. A supersized wallpaper mural or a whimsical forest motif on one wall of your bedroom or living area features a modern yet rustic woodland vibe for a restful bedroom.

The tonal trend would take you to a heavenly atmosphere, dancing and interacting with the light.

Upcycle What’s Old Is New Again

How about adding a little flair to outdated furniture? Yes! give a varied look to your old furniture by covering them with removable adhesive wallpaper. This idea is best for surfaces that have clean lines and simple silhouettes (doors, chests of drawers, sliding mirrored closet). Simple textured, graphics or plane metallic wallpapers are perfect to make them look like new. Cover the doors of the wardrobe, tabletop, switch plate covers and be surprised with what you come up with.

Highlight The Underside Of The Staircase

A blank underside staircase in your home also deserves a chance for decor! It’s a great spot for some texture. Liven up your journey to the other floors just by pasting a patterned wallpaper that goes well with the decor scheme of the home.

These are just a few of the plentiful wallpaper ideas to use. You can make major moments to wake up space through colour and art. Try to highlight every nook and corner of your home by using wallpapers in an innovative manner. Wallpapers now do not go onto walls only. Evoke your creativity and accentuate the beauty of your space.

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