Latest Home Decor Trends To Follow In 2021

Latest Home Decor Trends

Raise your hands if your personal space is a continually developing blend of all the things you adore – as it should be. But as with fresh season fashion trends, we also witness plenty of emerging new home decor trends that nothing but tempt us to modernise our homes – rather than changing them totally. 

Have a look at some of the latest home décor trends that will surely lend your homes a refresh in 2021.

Tile Tale

We have always considered making use of ceramic tiles when it comes to home décor and has always limited the tile usage to floors. One way of lending character to an otherwise retiring space is by creating a feature wall by making use of visually pleasing digital wall tiles. 

Latest Home Decor Trends
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Wall tiles instantaneously add depth and texture to a wall, thereby uplifting the total appearance of your home. These patterned tiles are designed by an outstanding printing technology which imposes a graphic and realistic design and pictures on the tile surface.

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Incorporating these tiles will definitely lend life to your walls. What’s more, coordinating your wall tiles with the floor tiles, will certainly make your space look bigger. This latest technique is definitely going to be one of the highlighted home decor trends in 2021.

Papier Mache

Its true making use of decorative home décor accessories and fixtures can really eat up your home decorating finances. Hence if you are tight on budget, worry not and instead opt for DIY options like Papier Mache. It is an inexpensive way of crafting chic and unique artwork to match up your home décor.

Latest Home Decor Trends

It is nothing but making use of paper to design décor elements. Thus making it the perfect accent for any space. 

For example, a flowerpot with bold accent features with the distinctive texture of paper mache. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

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Built-in Seating

Be it a window-side perch with an exceptional view or cosy reading niche, seating options that are built-in manages to add character to a room and can act as an outstanding space-saving method. For instance, an ingenious small-space solution can turn a wall into a comfortable sitting area.

Statement Ceilings

Gone are the days when false ceilings were the only options for homeowners while doing up their home. The contemporary age has witnessed ceilings that are dramatically painted to lacquered, to wallpapered and covered with moulds.

Latest Home Decor trends

The enticing visual impact that these ceilings generate simply lend the home a distinctive look.

Fat Furniture Pieces Are Doing Rounds In Latest Home Decor Trends

In current times curvaceous shapes are also taking form as furniture pieces. Upholstered fixtures like sofa sets, divans, and occasional chairs are being reimagined in undulant. Sometimes disproportionate designs that tend to draw inspiration from the ’70s décor style. This year, curved is the new right angle.

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Contemporary Wood Panelling 

While wood panelling does not instantaneously bring to mind a contemporary home, it now looks like that sentiment is about to modify. Designed in a skinny, slatted style or applied at stimulating angles, wood walls can essentially feel fresh and understated.

Latest Home Decor Trends

And, no room is off its limits—particularly bathrooms and kitchens. Wood panelling lends the required warmth that’s unexpected and often deficient.

Vertical Walls Or New-Age Gardens

Modern landscaping has become a hot trend these days, sustainability being the need of the time.  Nothing offers more joy than the idea of being fenced by the aura of blissful gardens and greenery.

An innovative and environment-friendly solution to the declining horizontal spaces is a ‘vertical garden’ or a ‘vertical wall’. As the name suggests offers the choice of having greens grow vertically straight up.

Vertical gardens with straight structures can be an advantage for small-space urban gardeners and apartment dwellers, as well as for gardeners with big and traditional spaces.

Leaf through the above-mentioned trends which are sure to up the look and feel of your spaces.

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