Choose From Nautical And Tropical Style Interior Designs

nautical tropical interior designs

Greenland or Iceland? Nature offers us all sorts of extremes to make a choice from. Respecting the preferences and lifestyle choices of everyone, our interiors also must have a straightforward design that could help in reflecting who you are and where you live. After all, providing the best possible user experience is all about understanding the users first. Every design speaks volume with the theme that we pick & the spaces that we create. As the building industry is starting to focus on healthy and new materials, merging nature into the design of interiors inspired by nature itself, has become one of the biggest interior design trends. Nautical and Tropical are the two distinctive interior designs that can take you on a tour of nature.

What is the Nautical Interior Design?

Some of the best holidays are spent at the beach. Sun, striped towels and the abundant sea take you away to dreams beyond your office job or daily routine. Nautical is simply associated with sailors & marine life. The nautical interior design thus has a strong coastal influence that keeps up with the blue mellow and pure whites. The wall and the furniture have a proportion to add the style which gives the relaxing and refreshing oases the first time you enter the space. Nautical Interiors can set sail to your dreams with its tradition of large ships, and can easily translate when it comes to home decor & interior.

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The design of the room in a nautical style embarks freshness, special beauty, and the spirit of adventures. This is the reason most cottages, villas or houses ashore of the sea are usually designed & stylised in a nautical theme. Nautical bedroom designs are nothing less than waking up to the beautiful sea right in front of your sight!

Below are a few designs starters you can refer to :

Sunday Mornings

A freshly elated living area representing the combination of greys & blues in its natural form. With milky white walls & ceiling, and subtle furnishing items, the space looks large and beautiful. The lifestyle objects on tables and the choice of print for sofa covering clearly highlight the nautical aspects of design.

Sleep In The BOAT

nautical & tropical interior designs
Image Source: Impressive Interior Design

Make your nautical bedroom look fun with a boat-shaped bed. Stylize it with check patterns, tyres and painted seashells. A wooden deck flooring in its natural form suits the best if you are planning to make the room look rough & chunk. Nevertheless, marine life inspired paintings always work in completing your spot!

Small Space? Hammock It!

Hammock swing nautical style
Image Source: Coup De Pouce

I believe the hammock is the most underrated swing of all the swings. They are however perfect and the most favourite choice in nautical outdoor designs. Hammocks let you feel the peace of the ocean and make your sunny afternoons breathable with solo relaxation sessions. Surround the flowing tassels of a hammock with soft furnishings and complete the look with an accent wicker chair & table.

Sumptuous Lifestyle Objects

Sumptuous Lifestyle Objects
Image Source: Tata Cliq

Happy sailing with some sumptuous lifestyle objects that can truly help in creating a wonderful nautical look. A combination of beige & ocean blue adds contemporary feels to your space and also allows maximum inflow of daylight. The nautical design never fails to refresh your eyes!

Tropical Interior Designs – A gateway to allure & lush!

tropical style interior designs
Image Source: LA Curbed

You must have now understood what Nautical or Coastal design is, let’s now dive into the tropical interior designs. The tropical interior design style was highly influenced by its home country – West Indies. The style is old & traditional but with the exotism of tropics. It emphasizes natural elements. This design surrounds you with a tropical scheme of greens & browns and rejuvenates your senses with a glimpse of exotic land and breezy spaces. Tropical decor unlike nautical designs is much more bright, bold and cheerful. The colour palette of tropical style decor is similar to coastal decor but with more bright green, turquoise, hot pink and warm yellow.

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Few eye-catching design elements of tropical interiors are :

Rattans & Bamboos for Outdoors

Rattan furniture like chairs, tables & swings are a great choice for incorporating tropical design. At the same time, bamboos make a joyful sound when connected with the songs of nature.

Palm Trees

palm trees tropical design
Image Source: Pinimg

A great tropical design is all about dancing palm trees, movement of the oceans & the first rays of the sun. That’s how nature holds the power to pause the rush and make you sit for a while and enjoy the surroundings. Palm Tree is thus an irreplaceable element of tropical interior design.

Jute and Sisal Decor

jute chair
Image Source: Airbnb
jute and sisal decor
Image Source: Etsy

From storage baskets to rugs to placemats, woven jute and sisal are common materials found in tropical homes. This natural material is strong and durable.

Shutter or Raw Frames – make a choice for your window covering

shutter window
Image Source: Pinterest
window shutter
Image Source: Pinterest

A traditional room can still achieve a tropical look with right shades & accessories, but a minimal room design requires more attention. Tropical interiors demand openness & fresh air to breathe, thus windows are mostly treated with louvered shutters or raw openings for better look & feel.

Canopy Beds

Tropical style canopy bed
Image Source: Pinimg

A tropical canopy platform bed features four posts on each corner with a rustic finish that accentuates the natural beauty of the solid mahogany or sometimes bamboo, emanating warmth while still remaining loyal to its modern design.

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The connection between nautical and tropical interior designs is inevitable. The sea and sky provide a range of blue tones, while the sun-drenched sand offers various golden tones. Similarly, other hues come from tropical foliage which is lushly green with flowers in a rainbow of colours. Filled with happy hues and Hailey decor, these two themes can make your interiors outshine and spread healthy vibes all around. So why wait? Welcome nature indoors and add your personal spice to it!

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