Smartway ® – 6W Rectangle Wall LED Light (Warm White)

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The wall LED light is made of acrylic, On turning on the wall light, you will find it very attractive and you will find it elegant when you turn it off.

  • ➤ 【Comfortable Color Temperature】- New Warm white Led lamp, 6W.Warm light best for living room, bedroom, staircase, balcony, bar kitchen, nursery, study, office, restaurants, hotels, shop, cafe, etc.
  • ➤ 【High Quality】 – The whole lamp is made of acrylic, Outward appearance looks more Fantastic and Advanced.6W High Brightness LEDs and the life of the wall light up to 30000 hours.
  • ➤ 【Energy Saving Design】 – This will not only help you join in the environmental protection but also help you save on electricity bills
  • ➤ 【Easy to Install】 – Hardwired and surface mounting, using screws to fix, not difficult to install, but suggest to install by a professional electrician.

Product Description:

➣ 1. The wall LED light is made of acrylic, When you turn on the wall light, it will be very fantastic and beautiful. The wall light will be very elegant when you turn it off. It is not only a light fixture for your home but also the decoration to your house.

➣ 2. The light will not be glare, in contrast, the light is enough to light up your room and very comfortable because of the high-quality LEDs.

Features Of 6W Rectangle Wall LED Light

➣ 1.Perfect Ambient Light. When you wake up at midnight, when reading a book on the bed, when you watch TV on the sofa, you need the Soft Ambient Light. The wall light can emit the perfect light in any in various scenes. No flash, no dazzle, protect your eyes.

➣ 2.Long Life of up to 30000 Hours. The LEDs in wall light is of high quality. They will last up to 30000 hours(which is on the basis of normal use) and this will meet most customers’ daily needs.

➣ 3.Energy Saving. Compare with traditional light, our led wall light with low consumption will help you to save the electricity bills and let you contribute to the environment virtually.

Packing list

  • 1xWall LED light
  • 1x mounting accessories


➣ 1. For a safe installation, please ensure that the electrical box to which this bracket is mounted is properly attached to a component of the building.

➣ 2. All wires are connected. When unpacking, be careful not to pull with wires as it may cause a poor connection.

➣ 3. Do not connect the power supply until your device is fully assembled.

➣ 4. To avoid the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury, turn off and unplug the unit and allow it to cool before replacing the lamp.

➣ 5. Do not touch the lamp when the device is turned on or look directly at the light.



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