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Stunning Cultural Interior Designs In Delhi | Diversity In Indian Decorating Styles

If you are born in Delhi or have lived in this city for a long, no place on the earth can appeal to you better. Delhi is not only the capital of India, it is a destination where you can enjoy the most sophisticated lifestyle as well as survive an underprivileged routine. On the one hand, we can see Old Delhi still living in the past, upholding the values of yore. On the other hand, in New Delhi people have quite adopted the Western culture and related cultural interior designs.

Cultural & Traditional Interior Designs Of Old & New Delhi

As human beings, we buy into the culture of places in order to suit our personal needs. It is often the space – not a particular item – that can affect us. Geographically speaking, Delhi shares borders with Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. Not just that, Delhi has been a migration spot for many, thus, the tradition and lifestyle of Delhi is very much influenced by the culture of these neighbouring regions and their design thinking process.

For example, Delhi showcases Indo-Persian artworks in many ancient structures like Jama Masjid, Chhatarpur temples, Birla temple, and others have a fusion of Southern temple architecture and ancient North India architecture. These amalgamations show that the art and architecture of Delhi have influence from every region of India and also from the invaders of neighbouring countries.

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If we look deeper, in Delhi, culture & trends coexist. Trends do go in and out very quickly, but the basis generally has a historical reference. Whether you design a huge commercial zone or decide to recreate a small area of furniture design, global trends have utter significance and create a lasting impact. It is impossible today to look through a design magazine and not recognize the international influence throughout the photographed spaces.

Image Source: India Today

That’s how every home now offers a sophisticated lifestyle and modernity with an intentional spark of their cultural grandeur. Below are a few examples that explain the diverse cultural nature of Delhi and its in-house interior designs:

Punjabi Home Design

Punjabis are the most joyful segment of society, whether it’s their lifestyle or their choices, everything comes with extra sweetness. Some pops of vibrant colours in interiors are the perfect example of that. Whereas rural Punjabi homes have simple furniture such as beds woven from jute husk and low eating on the ground. The traditional setups are now juxtaposed with the modern thinking of designers. A stylish woven charpoy also called daybed now, can utilise a nice corner of your living room or your balcony, and a cute low seating area in the living room or in the verandah works as a casual space for seating and relaxing.

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Image Source: Design Cafe

The recreation of the mud-floored vibe with the use of terracotta tiles in patio or balcony areas. You could even try a terracotta tiled kitchen backsplash. Use stylish cane and wicker accent pieces of furniture in your living room, bedroom, or balconies. Or build wall cladding in your balcony with tightly woven thin cane sticks.

Rajasthani Home Design

Rajasthan, a royal state of India, is a place of great grandeur and rich legacy. Besides its Rajput culture, the art & architecture of the place never fails to impress its visitors. The colour, atmosphere, and beautiful designs are infused into your home. Rajasthan is famous for block prints, embroidery and mirror work, all of which comes together to present that mesmerising look.

Image Source: Livspace

Depending on the style you prefer, you can decorate your room using block prints or square pillows on the seats. Jali, the intricately carved screens which allow partial views and allow ventilation & filtered light, to achieve the quintessential Rajasthani look, jails can be considered to create skylights, semi-private partitions, railings and windows. Jalis are traditionally carved in sandstone and can also be fabricated using wood or MDF board.

Wooden Jharokha panels fitted with mirrors are also available to help you create a dramatic effect in the living room. Bright and prevalent colours can get you more close to the Rajasthani lifestyle.

Bengali Home Design

If you are a Bengali, art & antique definitely excites you. The majority of Bengali home interiors are lavishly adorned with bulky wooden furniture. Wood, generally dark-polished, is utilised to create tables, sofa sets, chairs, doors, cabinets, colonnades, beds, and divans in the interior spaces and half-open areas such as the verandah or courtyard of the house. Even though many Bengali homes showcase wood furniture of rosewood and teak, you can use the wood which is native to your area. A conventional Bengali home will definitely have an easy chair, you can spot it in the living room, study or balcony sometimes.

Image Source: Pinterest

As real connoisseurs of traditional values, many Bengalis like to decorate their interior spaces with collector’s pieces and antiques from their ancestors – souvenirs from their travels and unique showpieces which exhibit their style. To replicate a similar ambience in your space, thematically display any pieces such as an old radio, gramophone, mementoes, memorable keepsakes, and antique photo frames from outstation travels. This will not only give your interior a meaningful appeal but also allow you to experience the Bengali lifestyle.

Kashmiri Home Design

Kashmir, known as heaven on earth, is more than its natural beauty. It is home to some of the most eclectic and spell-bounding handicrafts, created by local artisans. Some of the most popular Kashmiri home designs can entail the famous carpets, copper & silverware and kashida – the local embroidery style that adorns the homes of many across the world.

Image Source: Tripoto

The unique and extremely vibrant Kashmiri carpets are a precious commodity and can easily amp up your living rooms look as well as ambience. Based on the dimensions of your room, you can select the large, medium or small-sized carpet, and instead of placing it on the side, spread it out at the centre of the living room, tucked under your centre table and furniture. Walnut-wood carved furniture pieces instantly take you to the Kashmiri design values. You can accentuate these heavy pieces further with wall hangings and lanterns. However, it is vital to make sure that you don’t overdo it since the bright colours can be overwhelming.

With these amazing cultural home interior designs, you can design your home without worrying about which culture you belong to. With oodles of personality and a sensational touch of your background, let your home tell your story.

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