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Summer Interior Design Ideas

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, how about spreading some fun into your home with interior designs?” Here are our top 5 sizzling summer interior design ideas to craft an inviting summer home:

Let’s Go White This Summer

Colour is a powerful tool that inspires emotions, especially when used with interior painting. “WHITE” is the colour that signifies purity which always appeals to the eyes. Definitely, this colour amplifies the natural lighting in a room and makes a room look more spacious by adding visual interest to the whole space. White is a colour that combines well with other neutral colours.

White Themed Interior

For example, a combination of red and white create a nautical theme while a mixture of blue and white highlight an eternal look. Just imagine the luxurious combination of white rooms or white furniture with dark wood and natural tones.  Isn’t it make rooms look stylish, classy and incorporate a sense of romanticism too? It is one of the best summer interior design ideas.

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Create Floral Environment

There’s no such thing as being too floral. Bring the tone of the blooming house with some floral patterns that can be easily added to any room. The nature-inspired theme can be created by adding vibrant colour floral fabrics, wall coverings, and a piece of furniture with bold floral prints. This has a way of cheering up our frame of mind and the ambience of space. You can also add a green touch by putting in fresh flowers to give a bright and tidy appearance to your home. 

Floral Interior Design

Pop up the floor surface with the green shades that go bold with distressed woods and dark colours. Place larger plants in the corners and smaller flora on windowsills and coffee tables to add a blast of fresh colour. This eco-friendly look will make home smell aromatic and undoubtedly add a unique, fun and powerful vibe to an environment. Moreover, from mason jars to vintage additions, crafting wonderful floral arrangements doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming.

Make Your Home Mediterranean

What about transforming a home into the Mediterranean Theme? The looks that undoubtedly convey a feeling of respite and warmth. This is similar to what we experience when we are on holiday. Though this style is suitable for homes situated near the beach or country houses. This summer interior design idea can also be infused in other houses to bring a cosy and bright look.

Mediterranean Theme Interior Design

Lofty ceilings, large windows, light tone furniture made of wood, furnishings made of natural fibres ( cotton and linen), accessories made of brass, clay and wrought iron along with light colours. And the presence of mirrors is perfect to recreate the serenity and brightness of the countryside or the coast. 

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Art can showcase patterns as well. So don’t forget to place fresh in terracotta or brass vases and aromatic herbs in pots as nature have a primary role to play in the Mediterranean-themed house characterized by the classic charm and the seductive beauty. What could be really unique is to apply Moorish motifs? And also to replicate the rich Islamic influence of the ninth and the tenth century.

Try Tropical Flair

How about a visit to the tropics just by decorating your home with tropical patterns that are often packed with spirited colour and fresh vibes?  Do sunny, cheerful decor transformation into your space by adding some bamboo, sea grass, palm leaves, lattice prints, potted fig trees and elephant leaves. No, No! These tropical designs don’t need to be green always. There is a bounty of other colours, textures and prints to serve as the room’s theme and a focal point.

Tropical Interior Design

Rather, this style is associated with ease and comfort that can be created using colours drawn mostly from natural elements such as the sea, sky and vegetation.  You can also integrate tropical features using elements like textured lamps, painted bamboo furniture and island-style throw pillows. You can also use jungle wallpapers, sandy decorations and a lattice-motif mirror. Just infuse a bit of the island vibe and enjoy breezy paradise right at home.

Use Organic Textures

Evoke a sense of airiness by using organic textures and natural fabrics that blend perfectly with the summer sizzle. Warm blonde tones, natural fibres and hand-woven elements are some of the options to bring about a seasonal flavour. From baskets to carpets, lamps, curtains, furniture; such as wicker, jute, rattan or bamboo can be used to incorporate these fibres into an interior.

Eco-friendly home interior designs
Image Source: Bamboo Import

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Dressing up the house with big conches or small seashells in apothecary jars also inspires the power, the organic energy. Whether you are thinking of the rustic style, the shabby-chic or even the minimalist, all go very well with these materials. They are versatile and make a great play for summers. So come and let’s try to mix these materials with others such as wood or typical metals. Let’s give a nod to the authentic summerish to the aesthetics of a house.

So these were some best summer interior design ideas to opt this summer.

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