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6 Warm Natural Interior Colors Trend In 2022

Color plays an important and crucial part in setting the tone for the overall essence of one’s home. This year of 2022, introduces a more natural look and feel within the walls of your home or office spaces. Natural and earthy tones as well as warm neutral interior colors, giving a soft and warm feel to any interior space are in trend this year. 

Here is some Warm & Natural Interior colors trend to look out for this year!

  • Natural Greens
  • Sage Green
  • Vintage Yellow and red
  • Muted Grays
  • Bright yellow
  • Dark Earth Tones

Natural Greens

Image Source: Nain Trading

Natural elements are a gorgeous addition to the insides of our homes or offices. Bringing nature indoors and introducing what we call Biophilic designs to make way for these colors as well, mixing the man-made with the natural elements. Adding splashes of nature-inspired greens to the walls of your home or workplace is a definite step into the theme of color for interior design for this year.

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Sage Green

Image Source: Houzz

This green is excellent for any interior design or space. Very versatile as it can be brightened or darkened accordingly to give you a satisfactory natural look to your space.

Vintage Yellow and Red

Image Source: Home Wings

These retro colors are making a comeback this year. These colors bring back a feeling and sense of nostalgia and familiarity. Introducing this back into your interior spaces can guarantee that warm and cosy old but beautiful feeling.

Muted Grays

Image Source: Real Homes

If you would like an alternative to the classic neutrals and greys then muted greys are a perfect choice. They are well balanced and so beautifully elegant. These greys can be paired with softer hues such as pastel yellows and reds to create a warm and comfortable feel to any living space. 

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Bright Yellow

Image Source: Livingetc

Creating a very playful yet modern look, this bright yellow that was once popular in the 1970s is back in full swing for this year’s color interior design scheme. While spending more time at home it’s important we choose colors that display happiness and make one feel happy. Bright yellow is perfect for such a quest.

Dark Earth Tones

Image Source: Designing Idea

Reconnecting with nature is something we as humans crave from time to time. After experiencing a couple of years of uncertainty, finding a balance again is what we most desire. Earthy tones are an amazing way to bring this balance back into our lives.

Image Source: Home Design Lover

Adding a darker hue to softer ones and mixing it in with different shades of green and natural materials such as wood adds a beautiful touch to interior design for 2022.

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Samantha Seelal

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