Know About

Stunning Bohemian Interior Designs


Origin of boho interior

Bohemian or Boho style interior design originated from Paris, France way back in 19th Century.

What is Bohemian Interior?

Designing a space by tossing out the rules and embracing the unconventional. It's Personal & Comfortable.

What is boho decor style?

In Bohemian design objects are collected only as they represent memories. Nothing is selected to impress others.

adding bohemian vibes

Just pick unique vintage items to decorate. It could be any random thing that gives an artistic touch to the space.

There Is No Limit!

It should feel cozy & inviting, Should also contains plenty of items that have some sort of value to you.

Don't settle for less!

Make it as much vibrant as you can. Adding more & more colors is a part of Bohemian Designs.

Bohemian Textiles & Rugs

Keep textiles raw & slightly worn. Layer rugs, swings, throws, and more throughout the space.

handmade & natural

A boho space has mixture of handmade & natural items in form of fabrics, like burlap and sisal, as well as plants

Adding Trinklets

Bohemian style of decorating space involves including trinklets that tells a story close to your heart.

It's Time To Raise The Toast

Chill with your friends & be the host of every party with your Boho space ready to serve.