Confined Space  Modern Design  Ideas 

Confined Beautiful Small Space Room having loft bed and with work place or study and storage.

Loft Bed with Study Space

Confined Bed Place with bith beautiful lofted shower area

Lofted Shower Room 

Stunning way to design confined space by keeping rest area over living area

Lofted  bedroom  Over  Living Room

Amazing lighting with organsed space for all day activities

Drawing Area Beneath  Lofted Bed

It's always recommended to design bunk bed if you have a confined space in your bedroom

Modern Bunk Bed 

When you have limited space but you make your world in it. Perfect for gamers & content creators

Lofted Bed Over  Gaming Station

Confined space is not an issue anymore. Use this design to setup your small home studio for all the editing works

Home Studio With  Lofted Bed

How about this tree shaped wooden shelf for all the storage needs 

Storage Tree Shelf

Perfect space managing design for boat house, beach house, etc.

Lofted Bed With  Spiral Stairs

Full Designed Small Home with minimalist interiors having lofted bed, drawing room, Kitchen Sink, Bathroom and more 

Minimalist Lofted Bed  Design

Inside Richest Businessmen's Homes