10 Most Sumptuous restaurants in the world


The 12-seat restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel has different virtual backdrop projected onto the walls. 

Sublimotion Ibiza, Spain

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Acclaimed French chef Guy Savoy's restaurant holds three Michelin stars.

Guy Savoy, Paris

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Situated over 16 feet below sea level in the Indian Ocean, the restaurant is only big enough to fit 14 guests, who take in 180-degree views of coral reefs and sharks while eating

Ithaa Undersea, Maldives

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This Alain Ducasse's restaurant is practically a work of art, where diners can sit within stainless steel "shells" below chandeliers made of thousands of crystals.

Plaza Athenee, Paris

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Paul Pairet’s immersive restaurant with high-tech haute cuisine can host ten diners per night around one table, where 20 courses meal is served.

Ultravoilet, China

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Currently led by executive chef Jocelyn Herland, the contemporary French restaurant serves a six-course seasonal tasting menu.

Alain Ducasse at  The Dorchester, London

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Bluefin tuna sushi, carpaccio & cooked dishes, with tasting menus, in a sleek, high-design space.

Tunateca Balfegó, Spain

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Another propery by Alain Ducasse, inspired by Versailles has a pleasing collection from antique mirrors and crystal chandeliers to the five-course  menu.

Le Meurice, Paris

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Architect Pierre Yves Rochon has created a stunningly modern concept in touch with its environment. Here Green, black, white and silver are the dominant colors:

Le Pré Catelan, Paris

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The rich, vibrant décor, intricately carved wood work, exclusively woven tapestry, temple bells, variegated carpets are an ode to India’s vibrant cultural heritage

Kheer, Roseate House, Delhi

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