L-Shaped kitchens are always the first choice of a homemaker because of its compact space and beautiful outlook.


If you want enough space in your kitchen but need quick access to the dining area, U shaped kitchen is the thing you are looking for.

Parallel kitchen

These type of kitchens are also called gallery kitchens because they let the floor to be empty for a small central walk away.

straight kitchen

The straight modular kitchens are single-walled kitchens which contain all the things you need in a linear fashion.

ISLAND Modular

Island combination with modular kitchens facilitates a counter space for existing casework.

peninsula kitchen

These are somewhat similar to island kitchens but the difference is that the size and position of the island are different.

stainless steel

These are very much user-friendly as they have easy maintenance, corrosion free and are flexible with unique designing.

Tropical kitchen

The tropical theme for a kitchen is trending nowadays because people want to relate more to nature and it gives a laid-back appearance.

matte theme

Another trending kitchen style is favorite of today’s generation as it gives a cool, moody and classy look to the kitchens.

material finished

Use of materials like wood, marble & artistic appliances gives an excellent view of poetic appearance to the kitchen.

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