What Modern And Contemporary Interior Design Speak About? | Differences And Similarities

Modern and Contemporary Interior Design

Design is the intermediary between information and understanding. You often have heard about the words modern and contemporary which overlap each other and use interchangeably. But when it comes to modern and contemporary interior design and art, there’s a world of difference between the two. Time is a major aspect in of making the two styles distinctive.  

Modern Interior Designs

Modern Interior Design

An era from the early to mid-twentieth century (1920s-1950s) refers to modern design.  This style is an antecedent to contemporary design, with key figures including Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames, and Florence Knoll. Originated by the Scandinavian and German Bauhaus design, the modern decor style stress on minimalism and function. Simply put, modern style blends the stylistic characteristics of the industrial revolution and the mid-century modern.  Modern designs are one of anything from the 1920s to the classic look of the 1970s.

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Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary design doesn’t refer to any specific period. It is existing and constantly evolving. Contemporary style, an extension of modern architecture is all about them today and tomorrow.  The contemporary architecture does not follow any particular style rather it is quite eclectic. The Art Deco design of this specific style celebrate balance and combines different aspects of minimalism, modernism, and other global styles.

Here are the most fashionable elements of modern vs. contemporary design:-

Difference In Modern And Contemporary Interior Design Colours 

One of the most distinctive elements that differentiate modern vs. contemporary design is the Color palettes. Since modern design colours have an earthier hue, shades like brown, olive green, rust, turquoise colours dominate these interiors. Paint walls white to make spaces appear more expansive and open.

The focus is to make use of monochromatic colours. However, Contemporary design favours starker and more striking hues. They often stick to a stricter palate of black, white and grey. Brighter shades like red, indigo or orange are also acceptable. At present, dark and bold hues are in trend.

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Modern vs. Contemporary Floors

Keeping in mind the ideology ‘less is more’ ideology, the modern architectural styles showcase granite, concrete, or woodwork floors to maintain the flow of open-space and airy living. This style prides itself on its sleek lines, intentional asymmetry and distinct angles in everything. Carpeting is tolerated as long as there is only one colour or a pastel geometric pattern.

Modern Floors

On the other hand, Contemporary design propagating ‘fewer walls and more open spaces’ ideology employs the use of wood on floors. However, cement, laminate or stone flooring can be a superb substitute. Full carpeting and occasional rugs are optional but only if they are neutrally-coloured or patterned in a very simple way.

Modern vs. Contemporary Aesthetics

To craft a feeling of spaciousness, both contemporary and modern interior design highlights a chic-look and eternal grace. They showcase simple, uncluttered spaces with smooth, clean architectural lines and artistic flair. Though both styles enjoy geometric patterns, but in a diverse manner.

Modern and Contemporary Interior Design

The modern design may feature a geometric light fixture in dazzling gold hanging from the ceiling to add a retro touch while it may be a series of show-stopping exposed beams against a stark white ceiling in case of contemporary design. However, none of the style fancy flamboyant designs or heavy elements. 

Modern vs. Contemporary Decorative Pieces

The modern interior incorporates accessories that are orientated towards practicality.  All the decorative pieces classed as modern, they ought to have a functional form. For the contemporary concept, that is not functionally necessary. Contemporary style signifies the aesthetic belief that outlines a mix of various styles and ideas. It may define any designs without being noticeably connected to any historical style.

Modern Decorative Pieces

Contemporary decorative pieces are bold and distinctive, no matter what must be functional. Light fixtures in a contemporary space are supposed to highlight bold decorative pieces while modern lighting design tends to meet the needs and function of the space.

Modern vs. Contemporary Furniture

When it comes to furniture, both styles are all about exposure. Modern furniture features a rustic and warm feel. Use natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and other earthier elements in contrast to contemporary furniture. It involves the use of glass and metals such as nickel, stainless steel, chrome or perhaps anything that is latest to the business.

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Modern designs tend to provide an earthy experience and often make use of nature favouring colours like rust and the colour of autumnal leaves. Raise the furniture is higher than the floor to give the room an airy feel. Furniture lines of modern design are straight and strong with minimal ornamentation.

Modern Furniture design

On the other hand, contemporary designs tend to be purer and primarily utilise paler colours. The furniture is a combination of comfort and style with a fresh look and feel. The best thing about these two styles is that they can be mingled together. The sharp and striking lines of contemporary furnishings can be balanced by the warmth of wood.

So, whether you choose a specific design or contemporary house adaptable to the parallel alterations both enliven the space. 

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