Wooden Interior Design For Elegant Look Of Home And Office Interiors

False Ceiling

If you are building your home or office and looking for some great wooden interior design to make your home look more elegant then this article is for you. Wooden touch for interior works is nowadays in trend as it gives a rich look to the viewer and it soothes an eye too. It can be used in the bedroom, washroom, living room, office, staircase, etc. Even wooden flooring gives a stylish look to a viewer.

You can give a wooden touch to the false ceiling, television cabinets, living room dividers, wash basin vanity unit and many more. Generally, people feel that if they’ll give a wooden touch to furnish their homes it will be very costly and it’ll go out of their budget but that is not true. Nowadays there are some wooden boards available in the market which are very high in strength and are termite proof and will fit your budget too.

I too bought such boards for the interior of my home from Action Tesa. They call it as H.D.H.M.R. (High-Density High Moisture Resistant) boards. These boards are moisture resistant and termite resistant.

Here are some of the wooden interior design ideas that one can use.

Wooden Interior Design

1. Finished Doors
wooden interior design      wooden interior design            wooden interior design           wooden interior design                 

 These are some wooden interior design of doors which are prepared by pasting veneer on wooden doors and polishing them for a glossy look. Wooden Doors are nowadays used in place of steel or MS doors since they are more elegant, sound-proof and durable also if polished and finished. 

2. Wooden Interior Design Flooring


 Wooden flooring adding grace to the interior. Easy to clean and water resistant. Some people will still not agree and will use ceramic tiles or Italian marbles for the flooring since they find them more glossy and durable but wooden flooring is in trends. If you want to make a difference and wants to uplift the impact on the viewer than you should try this kind of flooring.

If you are hesitated to try this one for the whole of your house’s flooring you can restrict its use to your living area or maybe to your bedroom.

3.Television Cabinets

wooden interior design  


Super stylish T.V. cabinets for your living room. Your guests can take their eyes off the television but not of these decorous cabinets. In today’s world, as the technology is changing, the mindset of people is also changing. Now, people find it absurd to use simple designs even for T.V. placements. People create new designs to give their T.V. unit an extraordinary look.  

4. False Ceiling

wooden interior design   

The false ceiling is basically needed to enhance the lighting effect. As enormous lights can be installed under the false ceiling. There are cobb lights also known as dim lights which are placed around the false ceiling.

There is also LED panel lights which give brighter lighting and consumes very less power. Then there are surface lights and concealed lights.

5. Stair Case

                  wooden interior design

A staircase made of wood is very strong in carrying the load and provides wider space and aesthetic appearance. These are easy to clean and also less slippery than Italian or granite marbles.


6. Room Partition



By making these wooden partitions one can get a glimpse of the area behind the partition. It divides one section into two parts by taking least partition area.

These partitions can also be used as your bookshelf or your decorative items can be placed in them.


7. Wash Basin Vanity

Wooden Interior Design wooden interior design         

Now table top wash basins are in trend. So they need to be rested on a properly made vanity in the shape of a table with some drawer to keep your daily use cosmetic products in them. 

These wooden interior designs can be assembled to give a unique look to your home. Highly durable and light in weight are the advantages of using these for your living room, bedroom, washroom and even offices. Let us now look at some pictures by mixing all these wooden interior designs and see how it works.








Wooden interior design   


wooden interior design 

So, these are some wooden interior designs which one can use to renovate home or office and to enhance the interior.

These are just some ideas not the recommendations to be used mandatorily. But by using these designs you can give your home or office a new and trendy look.

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